The Pennsylvania Public Education Foundation (PaPEF) is a nonprofit 501c3 established to promote excellence in public education. By providing grant and scholarship opportunities to Pennsylvania public school students and leaders, we strive to pave the way for new opportunities and innovations that lead to the ongoing success of school districts across the state.

Our mission of advancing public education in Pennsylvania gives us the opportunity to provide a 360 approach to supporting activities that promote the best possible education for our school students. Not only is PaPEF dedicated to supporting programs and services that advance the training and education needs of school directors, but also to provide a statewide advantage in creating opportunities to directly impact a student’s educational experience.

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Richard Frerichs, President
  • Dr. Art Levinowitz, Vice President
  • Marianne Neel
  • David Hutchinson
  • Eric Wolfgang
  • Shane Pagnotti
  • Marsha Pleta
  • Nathan Mains

Christina Griffiths, Executive Director