The Pennsylvania Public Education Foundation (PaPEF) is a nonprofit 501c3 established to promote excellence in public education.  We strive to pave the way for new opportunities and innovations that lead to the ongoing success of school districts across the state.  Additionally, PaPEF provides education and training opportunities to Pennsylvania’s local public school foundations.  Most recently, PaPEF funded its first study group and report highlighting ESSA recommendations.  As the foundation grows, we will be searching for more opportunities to develop similar initiatives.

Does your business strive to help public school students across Pennsylvania? Do you have tools and resources that ultimately benefit Pennsylvania’s youth? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Team up with the nonprofit 501c3 Pennsylvania Public Education Foundation to get your valuable resources and message in front of school foundations across the commonwealth.

From event sponsorship to lending your expertise via professional development, the opportunities to help promote excellence in public education are boundless.

PaPEF holds events throughout the year to provide education and training opportunities to public school leaders.  It is important for us to provide those who are trusted with the education of Pennsylvania children the resources they need to accomplish this.  The foundation strives to deliver in demand content to audience consisting of school board directors, business managers, communications specialists, nonprofit executive directors and other influential professionals in the education field.

Contact us if your organization would be interested in partnering with PaPEF!

Examples of opportunities: